This a few receive tips, help you to break the toilet corner

by:GSH     2020-12-18
Receive a few tips to help you crack the toilet corner corner of toilet is compared commonly concealed and narrow, if not careful search, you can't imagine our toilet's hidden corner so much space. So how do you make these fringes, one by one to receive a space? A few action today small make up to you. 1, it is said that people are looking for 70% of the time in my life. Therefore, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the household environment, you can use some storage box with labels to receive a small piece of toilet. 2, when decorate toilet wall, metope may receive a function should be fully considered. In addition to being able to use the embedded to receive ark, we can on the wall hang some hardware accessories, not only can make the most of metope, and can avoid the confusion of the small bathroom, make up for the inadequacy of small space. 3, slender shape pull basket is abnormal 0 Spaces of receive, plate light can receive a variety of articles for daily use. Use a few waterproof sheet, can effectively eliminate the moisture content in the toilet. Can be put in the hair dryer, curling iron, and other appliances. In 4, toilet always has a lot of space is ignored, for example, the space behind the door, the side of the cabinet, etc. , can increase a few shelf in these little corners to hold the bathroom articles for use. As a result, facade space will be very clean, use rise very convenient also.
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