Use the chest to receive accessories, wardrobe receive a space one times more

by:GSH     2021-01-28
Use the chest to receive accessories, wardrobe receive a space one times more in People's Daily household life, receive has always been a let a person feel troublesome problem. Home put too many items, at the place of clothing will make our home become crowded not beautiful, but want to put these goods and always can't find the place or there is insufficient space on the chest. Chest is the most common type of furniture in the home, we in the packing room and clothes closet can often play a key role, but clothes more and more, under the chest how can receive so many clothes? Small make up to introduce these closet next to receive small objects, small chest can also receive and tidy clothes. 1, pull basket: be clear at a glance of space truss structure play goal, the most suitable on the chest of drawers and cabinets, wardrobe, pull basket into rattan basket and metal basket of two kinds, suitable for stacked T-shirt, thin, bedding, such as the pillow towel, bed sheet, blanket, etc. 2, clothing: applicable to hang put after ironing and easy to fold the clothes, suits, coats, dresses, etc. , can let the appearance of these clothes to keep the best state, no crease. 3, trellis: grid distribution grid frame, belt, tie and close-fitting clothing can be classified stacked, neat and clear, mutual interference. 4, drawer, drawer to put personal items, documents, diary, etc. , installed on the drawer lock, safe and reliable. Drawer there is also a kind of fashion, the design of crystal transparent rich feeling, also easy to find clothes. 5, diaphragm: to separate part inside the wardrobe, used to put the folded clothing, clapboard is more flexible and more function, can free to adjust height, according to individual be fond of and the actual situation in place. 6, pants rack, trousers rack can be divided into two kinds of, drawer and rotary. Pants wearing name will know that is used to receive the pants, avoid fold pants can be hung up by means of trousers rack, a trousers rack can be received at least dozens of trousers. 7, hook: wardrobe inside one of the most common accessories, installed inside a wardrobe, on both sides for hanging small objects. 8, store content box: deposit fragmentary small objects, the deposit can be labeled classification, next time we need to, easy to find.
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