want a ford gt? print it yourself

by:GSH     2020-10-04
Automakers have opened a digital storefront that provides downloadable files for your 3D printer.
You are unlikely to find a new Ford GT in your garage this holiday season, but the automaker gives you a chance to make one yourself.
All you need is a 3D printer and some of the plans provided by Ford.
As the 3D printer will become a home appliance in the near future, Ford is celebrating its use of the technology (
At least, a very refined version)
Its car has a detailed printable version. Tech-
Savvy manufacturers can simply download and manufacture more than 1,000 micro models, and the rest of us can have 6-inch-long pre-
Printed version of delivery. The GT (
Instead, \"Ford GT E3 2015 Forza racing 6 \")
Available for $230, limited-edition full-
Color reproduction in wooden gift boxes, while others-
Print $39 or $4. 99 for the 3D-printer-ready . STL file —
Is solid color.
Since 1988, Ford has produced half a million parts using 3D printing technology because the technology can obtain design
For steering wheel, air inlet, structural parts you can name-
In just a few hours, from imagination to testable products.
Depending on the details and elasticity required by the prototype, Ford may print in plastic, sand, or metal.
But there is no reason why you are so limited.
In fact, the files you will download not only allow you to print the desktop version of your favorite Ford with gray plastic, but also allow you to print at any size-
From any material-
The printer can handle it.
Want a wax Focus ST or a Shelby made of sugar?
We have technology.
3D printers can now be printed in gold, silver and titanium
If your idea is small, it can be used as a jewelry, and if your idea is large, it can be used as a coffee table.
There are also printers that can be made of chocolate (yum)
Living human cells (impractical)Concrete (
It\'s also impractical, but imagine that one involves printing F-
Your brother\'s 150. in-law’s driveway).
Ford offers a fun little gift for the hobbys\' holidays, although people want to know how long it will take you to download some upgraded Fender plans.
My neighbor has an escort who can dress up a little.
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