Want to let a kitchen space more abundant? Might as well try the following method

by:GSH     2021-01-08
Want to let a kitchen space more abundant? Might as well try the following method kitchen space is limited, partition, goods storage piled up together, not only show the messy kitchen, cooking also trouble? Might as well try ambry pull basket tips. ( 1) Food storage area: put your refrigerator as the extension of this region, no matter where you put your things in the pantry, or a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, cabinet, or any place, don't forget to regularly check and clean up those too old and useless things. ( 2) Preparation area: cutting board, knife, measuring cup, a spoon, and a mixing bowl should be here. ( 3) Cooking area: the stove and oven and form a complete set of utensils together, this area should include all kinds of pot, pot pad, spoons and knives ( Tank is very suitable for use) 。 ( 4) Bake baking area: if you love, you should put the flour, sugar, baking powder, a series of measuring cups and spoons, and your favorite mixing bowl in a convenient area. ( 5) Pass on the table, tableware, plates, napkins, tripod, and any sat down to eat when needed. Salad dressing? Salt and pepper? Sugar? Ask yourself, what is the tableware on the table plate is more convenient, or on the floor beside the dishwasher is more convenient. ( 6) Clean area: cistern, dishwasher and things around. Soap, gloves, wash the dishes with the big bowl, dryer, detergent, towels and so on. ( 7) Waste disposal area: put a trash can, in a convenient place to put a recycling bins and a fertilizer box, put them in the middle as far as possible, but don't get in the way, they should be placed near a clean area and food preparation area. ( 8) Clean up the bar: focus on to reduce the number of permanent items on the bar, the bar needs regular cleaning, and this is your main job site, for those who chop suey gadgets and any things you don't need to put in the find another place.
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