With simple hardware accessories, make clean kitchen environment

by:GSH     2020-12-27
With simple hardware accessories, make clean the kitchen environment the various items in the kitchen, but as long as according to the characteristics of the goods and storage characteristics for finishing, can make a clean and comfortable, you can also create your own kitchen. However, in the face of so many sundry, to obtain a clean environment, using the right store tools is important! 1. Tableware chopsticks tableware is an indispensable part of the kitchen, especially when we eat three meals a day. Not only is a good way to collect tableware, more importantly, it also can have the effect of filter water. After washing the dishes, tableware themselves can be placed on the sideboard, let it dry naturally. Also, don't need to worry about wet bacteria breeding, convenient and practical. 2. Pot rack now kitchen is receiving more and more many families tend to distinguish receive, pan, after cleaning carried out in accordance with the size of folding is received, but the lid and how will you receive? On the wall with a distinct pattern of the cover frame, not take up space, mesa each grid, clean, clear, effectively improve the cleanliness of the kitchen and comfort. 3. Insert block head kitchen chopping block and most in use and stored in a set of kitchen knife. Send them on the table and scared child abuse lead to injury, not hang up the block also easy to cause bacterial growth. So, small make up recommend that you use the metope of the kitchen space, on the metope of hang lever mesa material installed, on the flip chart inserted knife and various suits to receive rack, these things are all on the wall, neat and nice.
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